Speckled Terracotta Ring Cone

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Handmade ring cones made of polymer clay.
Each one is unique and one of a kind!
Item is approximately 2.25 inches tall.
Made, sanded, polished, and assembled by hand.
Due to the handmade nature of each piece, colors and design will vary. There may be some small imperfections like fingerprints, dust, bubbling, texture, etc. Item pictured may not be item received.
Care instructions:
Keep item clean and dry. Do not put in water and keep free from hairspray, perfumes or oils.
You may gently clean item with soft damp cloth or makeup wipe. If item becomes stained with makeup or dirt, gently remove with a Q-tip and rubbing alcohol. Items are lightweight and durable, but can break. If bent or dropped, they may break.
Made in the USA.

*rings not included*